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Moving is so stressful, Where do I start?

Moving house, whether it be around the corner, or interstate, is a very stressful time. In fact it has been said that Moving house is in the list of one of the top ten most stressful events that I person can go through! So the obvious questions are, where do you start and how do you reduce some of the load that comes with moving.

The first thing to do is remove yourself from the whole picture so to speak and work through systematically, one job at a time. The more overwhelmed you become with everything that is going on, the more messy you will feel the situation becoming. Set yourself tasks for certain days where you know you have free time, such as packing up items that you do not use on a daily bases and clearing out all of those corners of the house where you may not go to or use regularly (or may not even remember what is being stored there) such as storage cupboard, bathrooms, garage and laundry cupboards.

Write down a check list of things to be taken care of before and during your you move then take your dates for your move (and we understand that in some situations these are not always set in mud until the last minute due to issues such as house settlements, job placements etc.) and try and look at your time frame and decide on and set dates in your diary for certain things that need to be done such as disconnection of energy, communication and other services; bond cleans & carpet cleaning if it is a rental; forwarding of mail etc. Try and get these thing moving and prepared a head of time where possible so that you don't find yourself scrambling in the last week. Having these physically recorded in your diary for you to reflect on and compare against your check list, can give you a sense of control which will in turn reduce your stress levels!

Keep in mind that there are companies such as Moving Connect that can also take care of a lot of these jobs for you at no extra cost, they will organise the disconnection of your current services and try and find the best deals for you where reconnection is concerned at your new address. They can also organise bond cleans and other services that you may need leading up to moving out of your current address. Utilising companies such as this one, can really take some of the load off! You just need to simply go to their website, tick the boxes for the items you want taken care of and let someone else do the running around on your behalf, leaving you to take care of the more 'physical' side of the move.

As above, try and pack everything that is not a necessity ahead of time, and whilst you are packing, you may want to be labeling boxes as to the contents (so that you know what is inside at the other end) and which room you want the boxes to go in in your new place. You may also want to put stickers on the larger items with the rooms you want them to go in. another handy idea, rather than writing the physical room on the box, is to make a floor plan numbering off the rooms at the other end to hand to the removalist company, and then number the boxes to match the floor plan that you have provided. This also helps the removalists, as they will be clear on what you want and exactly where you want your items to go. All these things will help to keep things flowing nicely throughout the actual move itself.

Take the load off! During the moving period itself, keep it in your mind that it really is a stressful time! Try and make things easier where possible. Take away meals, or simple easy to make meals, can remove some of the stress. It is also ok to rely on friends and family a little where needed during the more hectic times of your move .

Make sure you ask lots of questions! Moving house is not something that most of us will do too many times in our lives, so you are not expected to know how things are going happen. Be sure to ask you removalist, services companies etc. lots of questions in any of the areas that you have any doubts, so that when the time comes to move, you are clear on everything that needs to take place and how it is going to happen, and you aren't left with any areas of doubt or uncertainty.

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