Hints and Tips for moving

Hints and Tips

We all know that moving can be a difficult and stressful time of life. We have compiled this list of hints and tips to make it easier on you.

Moving is stressful, there is a lot to think about, packing, which company to go with, will your things be OK, the actual move, unpacking, utilities... The list goes on.

Below are a few things which will help to assist in your next move, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Do you need all of your things? When you know that you are moving, have a think about whether you need your removalist to carry everything you have. If you are on a tight budget you will need to understand that sometimes it can in fact be cheaper to have a garage sale and rebuy things at your new destination than it is to pay a removalist to move it for you. This is not always the case, but have a talk with your removalist; they will help to thin out your items if you need to.

Confirming a date.  2/3 weeks prior - Most house sales become part of a completion chain. The longer the chain, the more difficult it becomes to get everyone to agree to a date. A tentative completion date is agreed by the Solicitors and all parties work towards that date. When each party has everything in place, they are ready to exchange contracts. Exchange of contracts normally confirms a removal date. We would advise that removal date should be agreed and signed, at least 7 days prior. You can then confirm that date with your chosen removal company.

Confirmation.  When you decide on your preferred removal company. Inform them immediately, they can then book you a provisional date for your removal. When the date is confirmed on the signing of contracts. You will be then guaranteed your removal company is available for you. Note. If you leave your decision to choose your removal company too late. You may find they will be fully booked on the day you require, and be unable to move you. Keep your chosen company up to date, and inform them of any changes.

Packing prior to removal.  If you have chosen to self-pack, it is a good idea to commence packing of non-essential items 14 days before your removal day. It is surprising how much you can achieve by packing a couple of boxes a day. Also it is very easy to under-estimate the amount of packing you will have to do. Cupboards can contain a surprising amount of items. Also bear in mind, the average kitchen we pack requires 20 to 25 medium size cartons.

Utilities.  Your gas, Electric, water and telephone companies will all need to be informed of your move. It is a good idea to inform them of your removal day at least a week prior. A service like Moving Connect can help out with this.They will then advise you as to taking relevant meter readings, or send a meter reader to your address on removal day. There is nothing worse than moving an realising that you have no phone, power, internet etc!

Food! Pizza is a great option for your moving night!

These are just a few basic removal tips, if there are any further queries or questions we will be happy to advise you. 

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