Melbourne to Cairns Removals

Our Melbourne to Cairns Removalists will safely, deliver your furniture and other items speedily and without fuss.

From all areas surrounding Melbourne and Victoria (Vic) we can organise swift pickup of your goods, and have them delivered to Cairns and all areas surrounding Cairns (Qld) safely, and on time.

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Melbourne to Cairns Removals

Our removals teams are well trained, friendly, and ready to help you with your next move. Contact us now to find out about our next scheduled run for Interstate Furniture Removals or Backloading.

Our moving crews will offer you the best value for money, whilst also providing fast and reliable service.

Moving to Cairns from Melbourne?


Melbourne to Cairns is a big move. A stupendously massive, 3,000 km trek – so large in fact, few other places on earth can even fit a move that big in one country. While you might experience it as 3 hour, 20 minute flight one afternoon, your furniture has the pleasure to accompany our friendly colleagues over every meter of its nearly 40 hour drive. From the outermost suburbs, to the northernmost sandy beaches of Cairns, we’ve got you covered.

Luckily, your furniture is in good company. Our Melbourne to Cairns Removalist carriers pride themselves on rising to the challenge of arranging professional, delicate and reliable care of your beloved belongings from start to finish, from the Bass Straight to the Great Barrier Reef, so you can rest easy during your move.

Once up in your new tropical home, our colleagues will get you set up and settled in to your new (hopefully) stress free, sunshine filled & palm tree lined locale with a smile on your face. Kick back with a beverage of your choice, take in the break taking scenery, and let the Melbourne to Cairns removalist do the hard work.

Specialised Removal Services

We only use the best removalists for our clients.

We spend the time tracking down the very best local removalists and interstate removalists, so you don't have to.

The hard work has been taken out of removal company selection.

You can rest easy knowing that your goods will be in safe hands, where people care. Our carefully selected Interstate Furniture Removals teams will find a solution to moving even the trickiest goods, such as piano removals and motor bikes.


Featured Services

We work very hard to provide to you a comprehensive service for your move.

We have sourced the experts for all items, to all parts of the world.

To make your booking, please contact us.

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